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From heavy manufacturing to food and beverage facilities I.C.E. Flooring can provide multiple floor solutions to fit your needs.  From new construction to fixing damaged concrete I.C.E. flooring can install the correct floor in a rapid turnaround.  

  • 3/16 inch- 1/4inch Troweled down epoxy mortar overlayments can repair failing concrete, and minimize cost and time compared with replacing concrete slabs

  • 3/16 inch to 3/8 inch Polyurethane cement overlayments that can withstand thermo shock and constant wash downs.  

  • Concrete polishing and economical concrete sealing to limit dust in your warehouse and provide an easy-to-clean surface

  • Epoxy coating system with optional urethane topcoats to provide a clean work environment 

  • Line striping for warehouses, pedestrian walkways, equipment/safety layouts

  • Slip-resistant surfaces for safety.  

  • ESD-Electro Static Dissipative flooring with different resistance ranges

  • Non-sparking (spark-proof) flooring for solvent or explosive environments

  • Thin mil epoxy and or polyurethane coatings 30-125 mil broadcasted epoxy systems

  • Chemically resistant protective systems engineered to match your harshest chemical environments

  • Fiberglass-reinforced systems provide outstanding mechanical (movement) strength to prevent reflective cracking and maintain lining integrity

  • Low-temperature cured products capable of installation to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit

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